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What does your camp charge for a weekend campsite?

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I was making reservations today for a weekend campout at a neighboring council's camp, and I was surprised at the cost.

The camp has virtually no amenities or facilities, so we're really just getting a flat spot, plus a latrine and water somewhere on the property.  The cost for us as an out of council unit was $40 a night.  In comparison, our council's camp charges $20 for a weekend regardless of in or out of council.

I'm not complaining, but given the disparity I'm curious what other councils are charging.

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Our council charges $0 for use of our council facilities (there are 3 to choose from)

As out of council we get charged $3 per night per attendee at the neighboring council.  They have two great lake front properties (different large lakes), so it is worth the charge

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Our council charges an annual activity fee of $30 to each youth registered, which gives the unit weekend tenting at our 3 council camps at "no cost".  They charge out-of-council units $65/weekend.

Other councils in our area charge between $35-$75/weekend.

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Our council, weekend camping, $29 for a site with capacity of 12 ($2.42 per head minimum, if used fully.  Only one in the entire camp, so if it isn't available, you are paying more.), to $89 for capacity of 42 ($2.12 per head min if fully used).  Pit latrines, running water at a distance from campsite, free split firewood, limited trails, major paved pubic road smack through the middle of camp.  Unit responsible for program.  If you want to use any program sites at camp, you pay extra.  Lots of units, associated Scout bedlam, check-in/check-out (not too much of a hassle)


A stone's throw across the creek at our county park, in the off-season, $0.50 per head flat fee, pit latrines, bring your own water, forage for firewood, off the road a bit.  Lots of trails, rock climbing available if you have the gear.  Unit program entirely.  We are the only unit, it's our own Scout bedlam, no check-in/check-out.


Another local township park allows us to camp for free.


We go to the county and township parks...



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On 3/4/2020 at 7:56 PM, Chadamus said:

$25.00 per unit, regardless of whether in-council or not.

Didn't think to mention it at the time of my initial post, but I've always found it lovely that we can go out of our Central Georgia Council into the Northeast Georgia Council for summer camp and get an in-council rate.

Close enough counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and peach-state camps apparently.

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