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A new, or recently shared, cog in the YP response and barriers in BSA

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The BSA is entering a five-year partnership with 1in6, a national nonprofit that provides various resources and support services to male survivors of sexual abuse. The organization’s name derives from studies which conclude that about one in six men in the U.S. have experienced sexual abuse.

The BSA said the partnership will enable 1in6 to expand its 24/7 web-based helpline chat service, which helps survivors connect quickly to a trained advocate for abuse victims.

The BSA said the partnership will allow 1in6 to expand the number of online support groups for men who were sexually abused from two to five each week.

For years, the Boy Scouts have offered to fund in-person counseling for any current or former scout. Michael Johnson, the Boy Scouts youth protection officer, said he became convinced that 1in6 could offer a broader range of survivor support after hearing about it from an abuse victim, Jason Lee.

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I've been hearing rumors that the official bankruptcy announcement will hit next week. This seems to be in line with getting things ready. (ie here's how we want to fund compensation, here is what we are doing as counseling, and here are the assets we want to protect)

That said, moving the counseling to an outside group is good, 

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Once more, the BSA shows it is serious about its YP program; but also its response to past events. Yet, I would wager that those that continue to spread misleading and biased stories and comments will not make note of this latest addition to the program. Still, it is here and should be lauded as one more link in the barriers and responsible response mechanisms. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2020/02/12/boy-scouts-of-america-partners-with-sexual-abuse-support-service-to-provide-support-to-victims/

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