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New Cookie for 2020

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There's a new cookie flavor that Girl Scouts will be peddling this year:  Lemon-Ups

According to GSUSA, the cookie is available in "select markets".  Turns out that means either you are or are not in the areas getting cookies from the one baker who provides the flavor.

The question I want answered is, "Is the cookie any good?"  by which I mean, "Is it better than Thin Mints?"

According to the Washington Post.....meeeeh....the flavor may leave something to be desired:

Anybody tried the new cookie for themselves?

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My supplier had the gall to go off to college a year early. :mad: But, I have not seen anyone with samples.

There's always that percentage of customers that will try something new from a product line. So that's the market that this sort of thing is meant to target. I suspect one has to make a bet as to where the most novelty seekers will be.

I'm a novelty seeker when it comes to jerky and salsas ... mainly because I frequent a street in town where importing new ideas for agricultural products is a way of life. But, I'm not that way when it comes to chocolate, baklava, or coffee. Mainly because I've found variation from my preferred brand has met with disappointment while others who've tried my preferred brand have found enlightenment.

Thin Mints and Samoas have me in their thrall. So, lacking a sample, I'm sticking with those.

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My daughter is not selling Lemon UPs yet... just the standard faire.  However, this is the last year we are selling Thanks a Lots.

I will say selling GS cookies door to door is 100000000x more pleasurable than Boy Scout popcorn.   People open the door before you even ring the bell.  It was a cold day and snowing and we were invited into homes.  The discussion was never if they were going to buy... just how much and what they think their doctor would allow.  (Not kidding)

BS popcorn... as my son and I would walk up, lights are turned off, doors are locked.  When they make the mistake of opening their the door (perhaps they have poor eyesight and think it is a Girl Scout) I see the pained look and the desperate face of how much is this going to cost.   The $10 tin is typically purchased and I know they are thinking that is two boxes worth of thin mints.

We need new product.   Hey, weed is becoming legal almost everywhere.

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