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I don't wear an interpreter strip even though I'm bilingual. I speak, read and write English and Spanish. However, my decision is based on a limited vocabulary as it relates to scouting. So, I don't want to be put on the spot for interpretation. I'll converse, even translate, but camping type vocabulary is limited. Someday, I'll study some more words.


I have translated for adult training sessions, military hospital classroom training sessions, military patients care and in my own clinic too. I qualify, I just don't wear it.

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Later in the year I'm scheduled to take a course in "Survival Spanish".

The course is being presented by the PA State Police.

It is only 24 hours of tuition (3 days) So I'm not expecting very much.

I'm sure it in no way will qualify me to wear the strip.


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I hope you enjoy your course.

Sometimes, a few word here and there, a smile and a few hand gestures can make a big difference and make the other person feel more at ease.



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i have one scout who speaks russian at home and goes to language school for reading and writing as well as proper grammar each week. the mother had heard about the interpreter strip and asked me to get her info.

council said, ideally, i should get a letter from the teacher on school letterhead stating that yes, the child is capable and did complete the requirements in front of them.


i passed the info with a brief note along to the parent who in turn spoke to the language teacher. a few weeks later, an envelope came to my home from the teacher. this was unexpected... the teacher was proud to be asked to help the boy with his strip but regretfully, based on what the requirements were and the teacher's standards, he felt the boy was not yet ready to earn it. he said he would hold onto the paperwork til next year and re-test him.


wow! i was impressed with his honestly and the seriousness that he took with his given task. the mother understood completely and the boy was sad but said he try again next year after more schooling.



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