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Rumblings of Time Ahead

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11 minutes ago, PACAN said:

If the professionals would actually trust the volunteers (they aren't bonded or we might get sued if something went wrong) to do the "mundane" tasks maybe the DE could focus on the important stuff.

I think the goals of increasing membership and funding get in the way of trusting volunteers. Our DE recruited a local successful business man for District Chairman specifically for fund raising, leaving the district committee to be directed by the District Commissioner. And the DE spent a great deal of his time time with our District Membership Team to insure we did everything possible to get the maximum membership. If their jobs weren't so reliant on numbers, they might indeed spend more time recruiting and training talented volunteers who they could trust.


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Lots of posts about the number of hours that DE's work.  What are they actually doing? 

If you say meetings etc, I can get that, but most of the volunteer district meetings are evenings.  Is the DE really a second shift (3 - 11) position, or some other time shifted position?  If the DE is complaining about hours worked in that "I do 9 - 5 plus evening meetings", that's possibly not a workload issue, that's a scheduling issue.  Seriously, how much Scouting happens in the weekday mornings?  Would a volunteer that asked a question in the morning be really all that bent if the answer came in the afternoon?

A good bit of this seems to get down to management of the DE by the SE (Small council) of DFS in larger councils.  Key is setting expectations early on, understanding work / life balance.  

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