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For those of use who have been following the long-drawn-out conversation regarding the background check.... After one of our fellow users revealed to me who the BSA was contracting. ( Incidentally nobody in Irving would give me that information)... I reached out and have a nice conversation with 2 different employees of the company and was directed to several valuable pieces of information that have satisfied my concerns regarding the background check.......

I will summarize to keep it simple and post a link to their website where you can read the....
1st....First advantage, enterprise. Is primarily a screening agency for new and existing employees of organizations in over 200 countries.

2nd. I confirmed By reading their declared policies and by conversations with 2 separate employees that they are limited to accessing the data that the client requests.

3rd. I discovered that in their own writing and through the same conversation that their organization does not in any way shape or form sell personal data to any other organization that is not an authorized customer or client and does not have a need to know that information..... In other words if Google tried to contract them for personal data you would have to have a separate authorization and you can opt out.
Furthermore creditors and debt collectors are not allowed access to the information without your consent for those of you who were concerned about that part of it.

4th When I press them about mode of living... They are able to ascertain if somebody is for example living in a homeless shelter or has significant socio economic disadvantages..... And yes they are able to identify marriage records for people who Are gay and have legally registered a marriage..... However since the BSA has stated they will only be requesting information that is related to somebody is criminal and driving record.... The BSA will not be granted access to any mode of living information.

5th 1st advantage States very clearly that if any client is found to be using the background information for unauthorized or even nefarious purposes they will be scrutinized and terminated as clients from 1st..... In other words if the BSA goes back on its word and starts looking into people's personal financial information they can be held both legally and financially responsible for the damage as well as being terminated from 1st advantage.

So the final general understanding is that 1st advantage is a world recognized... Has top echelon security in place for data.... Limits itself by contract with its client to what data will be accessed and released to the client..... And does everything in its power to maintain security and privacy over the information to prevent 3rd party or 4th party tertiary sources from having access to it.....

I was able to get all that information in less than 30 minutes of research.... I strongly feel that had Irving release the same information when they 1st came out with this background check we would have avoided the last 3 months of heated and often crazy conspiracy level discourse......

As I said above I am now comfortable and confident in the nature of this background check and him happily signing it..... For those of you that still Unease..... I strongly encourage you to call 1st advantage and have a conversation and look through their website they are very very open about disclosing.

Thank you for your time in reading and I wish you all the very best and 2020


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