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Eagle Project Proposal to Committee

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12 hours ago, Eagle94-A1 said:


Sounds like you are really concerned about showing favoritism and/or interfering with your son. I was in that situation a few months ago. After my son presented his project to the Eagle board, and got it tentatively approved, I had a chance to speak with one of the board members who is a long time friend about my concern of interfering.  He reminded me how I helped his son with his Eagle project back in the day, and simply said do the same things I would do for any other Scout.

So if one of your Scouts came to you saying he was having challenges with the Eagle coordinator, how would you handle it for them?

Yes, I have bent over backwards to not show any favortism to my son  due to the fact that the last SM left a huge mess based on his favoritism to his 2 sons. I had to back off a few helicopter/lawnmower parents in the past 5 years and have had a few of those parents stab me in the back. I get that as SM I will be subject to unfair criticism behind my back so just trying to isolate my son. He gets criticism from fellow scouts who say he got this award or that award (example 500 mile hiking) only because he is my son and this causes him to doubt how great he really is. 

I do help other scouts on their eagle project when they ask me but I do encourage all to have their own plan in mind and do all of the communication to all parties when possible.


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