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Snowball fighting in Wassau, WI

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Another instance where possible lack of proper supervision could end up with some kind of injury.  People get overly exuberant, especially kids, and at times do stupid things.  Most of us may have suffered the pain of a hit of snowball in a sensitive place on our bodies.  We likely know or have heard stories of frozen snowballs and ones with "thing" inside.  But, with proper supervision, most of this can be avoided and if it does occur, be dealt with.  Then that means adults and older youth may need to take some responsibility for the safety, and that is where the modern problem lies.  Lawsuits smolder in the background, their prosecutors just waiting for the opportunity and right scenario.  And that puts us into the GtSS's content on projectiles.


So we are back to the constant modern conundrum.  Do we react responsibly, but still allow actual snow fun, or do we simply ban it all and sit in a cabin or house wasting away, but theoretically safe.  The question may then be, are we emotionally safe when we allow such overkill to hinder simple fun and common sense?  

I do not have the answer, just the thoughts.  The constant balancing act to stay rational and not perpetuate the bubble worlds too many people, especially kids, live in.

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