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Interested in Trading Leather Stamps

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Anyone interested in trading leather stamps?

I'm not looking to sell anything.  Just trade.

I'm looking for multiples of all the Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Girl Scout, O.A. and Wood Badge Leather Stamps.  Plus a lot more.

Our Council has at least 5 sets of leather stamps I'm trying to add to.  Four of the sets are smaller and loaned out to MB Counselors and used in CS Day Camps.  The fifth stays at the Council and I'm trying to get as many different stamps as I can for it.  I also want to have an extra or two of some stamps, especially the Scout stamps since we do occasionally lose one here and there.

I have around 275 different 2D/3D leather stamps with a total over 750.

Attached are 2 PDF files.  One for The Leather Stamps I Want and the other is Extra Leather Stamps I Have.

Most trades, I'm willing to give at least 2 of my stamps for each one of yours.  Many I will give more and some a lot more.  Especially for the red and yellow ones in my list.

I want the trades to be fair for both of us.

The stamps I have are in great condition and I would like the same from you.

If you would like to donate any leather stamps and/or tools, instead of trading, it would be most appreciated.  All donated stamps and tools go directly to the Council. 

I'm NOT looking to get these stamps so I can resell them.  They are for use with Scouts and other Youth Groups only.  I will eventually have to sell the extras I currently have, but I really hate selling on ebay which is why I haven't done it yet.

I am posting this on several forums so some stamps may not be available.  

Contact me with what you have and which stamps you want for them.  I will try to get photos soon, but most likely won't get to it until after Christmas.







12 21 2019 Leather Stamps Wanted.pdf

12 21 2019 Extra Leather Stamps.pdf

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BigDale:  If you can PM me a clean email/phone number, if you are willing, I will include your contact info and desire in the local White Oak District Scout Stuff News I send out here in the NCAC. 

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