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Christmas tree sales meet Invasive Species removal

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Saw an interesting article about scouts in Hawaii who are cutting Norfolk pine trees in their local scout camp and selling the cut trees for Christmas as a fundraiser to help them earn money towards the 2021 National Jamboree.  Seems that in Hawaii, Norfolk Pine, IS an invasive species, so cutting the trees helps the camp be more environmentally responsible....

Gotta love a project that delivers multiple benefits!



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Christmas tree projects seem to have more ways to potentially benefit conservation and help scouts in myriad ways:  1) raise funds, 2) earn Eagle rank, and 3) earn Hornaday awards.

I've posted her about some of these ways before, including a favorite approach of mine, re-building sand dunes to combat beach erosion.

Now, I see an article about a California scout whose Christmas tree recycling project is being used as a way to provide habitat for juvenile fish:


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