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Santa's Tips for Christmas Camp Gear Gifts

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Parents don't always "get it" when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.  Mom and Dad seem stuck on this idea that clothing makes good Christmas gifts.  Kids of all ages know that's a sure sign of geezing.  Clothing is a TERRIBLE gift!!  Good gifts are things you don't NEED, but rather things you WANT.  Toys are great gifts!  Sweaters are lame gifts.

Scouting age kids would rather have outdoor gear than boring school clothes wrapped up in colorful paper to disguise their lame-itude.

Good gift ideas for the scout...

  • Backpack:($150 to $300)
    Chances are that your scout already has a backpack.  If he's 13 or 14 years old, it might be time to move him up to a larger pack that's lighter in weight and more durable than what he's got right now.  After all, he's probably got his eye on some of those summertime High Adventure trips, and the old basic 40L pack isn't quite going to cut the salami when you get out on those 12-day Philmont treks. A good 65L pack will probably run you at least $150, but shop the sales, and read the advice on the Equipment Reviews & Discussion forum here.
  • Tent ($100 to $300)
    A young scout may be happy using a troop tent and sleeping with the guys in his patrol, but as a kid gets into his teens, he might be looking for more adventure and wanting to do more backpacking. A nice, lightweight 1-man or 2-man tent could be a perfect fit under your tree this year!  
  • Mountain Bike ($100 to $1000)
    Rugged kids like rugged bikes. Bikes they can ride in the woods. Bikes they can ride through muddy creeks.  Bikes they can ride up and down hills.  
  • Backpacking Stove ($50 to $100)
    A nice stocking stuffer item might be a very compact, lightweight, single burner backpacking stove.  REI sells the MSR PocketRocket for $44.  If you backpack in dense woodlands, a small woodburner might make more sense for you. A small Solo woodburner sells for about $70.
  • Kayak ($300 to $1000)
    What kid doesn't like getting out on the rivers and lakes for a fun day of paddling?  As the kids get a bit older, they like taking their game up a notch and being the master of their own vessel. A kayak is perfect for them!  
  • Snowshoes ($80 to $300)
    Live in a cold weather climate?  A great outdoor activity when snow and ice cover the ground is to strap on a pair of snowshoes and trek through the woods like Jack London might have done. Snowshoes today though are nothing like the string and bent wood frames of bygone eras. Today, they are as high tech as any other piece of sporting equipment: composite fiber frames, metal ice grips, synthetic fiber straps.  Great for younger scouts too!  A snowshoe trek would be a fun weekend trip for Cubs or Webelos.

What do y'all think?  Got some better ideas for Christmas gifts for our scouts?  Pass on the tips!

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5 minutes ago, Jackdaws said:

Good hiking boots would be a good gift also. 


A nice set of lightweight (carbon fiber) trekking poles would go great with those boots.  Unlike the boots, you can adjust the trekking poles, so they will not outgrow them in 6 months.😃


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