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Do any of y'all do any kind of marketing of your unit during Scout Sabbath activities?   (Scout Sabbath / Scout Sunday is the weekend of February 7/8 in 2020 )

Seems to me like it would be a natural opportunity for a little outreach within the CO.  Let folks see what their unit does and invite kids who aren't in the program to come on out and see what it's all about.

I don't think any kind of intrusive effort would be appropriate, but maybe just have some flyers on a table near the front door....or a small contingent outside the church before or after services to greet parishioners and answer questions (and handout flyers). I think the flyers should clearly tell people their kids are INVITED to come visit a meeting and join the troop.

I'd like to call out the importance of specifically making sure that scouts and adults in the troop present a welcoming demeanor and INVITE the kids and parents to the troop  (in a survey done by Toastmasters International, the number one reason that prospects said they didn't join a local club is because NOBODY ASKED THEM TO.  Such a simple thing, yet too often overlooked.   I think this happens in troops too. We get boys coming to visit, but do our boys tell the visiting boys that they WANT them to join?  Do the adults hobnob with visiting parents and specifically TELL the visitors they would be welcome in the troop, and how to apply?) 

Anyway, back to Scout Sabbath.....do you leverage the event as a way to recruit members of your church or temple community?  Any tips or tricks to make it work effectively but with an overriding reverence towards the faith?

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