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Scout Shop: Playstation 4 Pro $249 (online only) :(

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Sounds like a great fundraiser for the scout shop! <place sarcasm emoji here>

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While I was grousing about this, a couple of scouts reminded me to get with the program :confused:. Their points 

    - Video games merit badge

     - video games are advertised by Boy LIfe. There are even Boysie Video Game Awards and  they showed me the nominees. Huh? I looked at BL nominees which was ike a list of Democrat candidates that no one wants. No Minecraft, No Fortnite, No Call of Duty,, No Civilization ...actually none of games my sons play. 

So where's the BSA Oculus with 20 nights of virtual camping?




Note: Above was a April Fool's joke in 2014,  but  ...

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