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Cubs Make Toys for da Birds (AK)

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After creating bird-enrichment toys, the Scouts met Juneau Raptor Center education ambassador birds Phil and Justice, a "very social" gyrfalcon and fish-head-loving bald eagle, on Nov. 22.

The toys give Phil and Justice something to do with their idle time, explained JRC manager Kathy Benner. Unlike in the wild, there's not a lot preoccupy the birds while in captivity. (Neither bird can be released due to injuries.) The toys were essentially shish kebobs made of rope and repurposed materials such as egg cartons, scrap wood and Popsicle sticks.

"Even having a radio playing is considered enrichment," Benner said. "It's just something different in the birds' environment that gives them something to focus on besides just sitting there on a perch like this all day."

Den Leader Shannon Seifert leads the Lions (kindergarten) and Bears (third grade). The dens will have completed two different adventure studies on wildlife with the toy-making project.

More at source including photos of scouts, toys, birds:


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