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Boy Scouts in Virginia helped the Frederick County Sheriff’s office convert a van into an incident response vehicle, they also helped put together a new command post that has satellite service. Boy Scout, Jonathan Williams says this project is part of his path to becoming an Eagle Scout.

“It’s really hard getting up to a Life Scout, service hours are the hardest part, but I figured this one would be good because this will help save lives”, Williams said.

Sergeant Dave Ellinger helped make the project possible. He says the idea came from their 1033 program which transfers excess military equipment to civilian law enforcement agencies.

“They said they had a command bus they were trying to convert over but was too much of a project but they wanted it to go to someplace that would use it. Jonathan was looking for an Eagle Scouts project it would take six or eight weekends to get it done it would have an impact for a long time,” Ellinger said.

Both vehicles were fixed from top to bottom with new interior design, computers, radios and more. the boy scouts had the ultimate hands on experience....

Video and more details at source. 


Mod note" This Frederick County Sheriff's office has a solid history of working with scouts and Explorers. Scout Salute.


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