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Haunted House

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Halloween is a great holiday for troops to leverage in their fundraising efforts.

Why not create a Haunted House, Spooky Cemetery, or even Ghosts and Goblins in the Churchyard?

Scouts love exercising their creative talents and the chance to put on some costumes and entertain friends and neighbors just shouldn't be missed!

Here's an example of 2 troops in Los Angeles teaming up to scare some funds into their troops' coffins...errr...coffers!


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Clicking around on different websites, I see lots of troops doing this. Wonder why I don't hear about it being done by packs or troops around here though (or even hearing buzz about it on this forum).

I found a haunted barnyard, and even a haunted greenhouse being put together by scouts in Superior Wisconsin.

There's a 14-year old article in Scouting magazine about some of this stuff, along with some good tips if your unit decides to do it....like plan FAR in advance (they say that some units are doing their brainstorming a year before their Halloween event).  Here;s the article:

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3 hours ago, Eagledad said:

This has been a big fundraiser for one troop here for 30 years.

Oh.  I was only thinking of keeping the haunted house open for a week or two...

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