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What can you do in the snow?

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One ASM has been booting around a plan for 2005 major camp that involves going to the snow for a week.


Yes we have some. I saw it once. It was cold.


Apart from ski, tobogan, snow man and snow ball fights what can you do and what should I take precautions about pls? Links are welcome.

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One of the things I remember my brother doing as a Scout was making and using his own snowshoes. We live in an area that has snow some winters, not all, but as we got snow he used those snowshoes to go everywhere.


BSA offers what is called Okpik training for cold weather camping. I did a quick search to see if any of it made it on-line, and some info is here: http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/winter/ .


Have fun!

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Write my name! :)


Our district has an annual Winter event. Some of the ideas that they have used are the usuals: snow snakes, klondike sleds, etc. I suggest getting some mushers to demonstrate their craft, ice fishing, building a quinzee (and using it. Much, much warmer than a tent.).


Good luck.

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Do you have a Klondike Derby in your area? At ours the troops will build thier own sleds and race them. But that's only the main event. They also set up stations were the boys as patrols and they will compete for points and "the revolving trophy for the district." At the stations they do things like knot tying, snoe shoeing, cooking, first aid "problem" to be solved, etc. They also have a duel sawing contest, and such. Things rotate every year so it's not always the same.


As a troop, we go build Igloos and snowshoe. A favorite for the troop. We also have areas where we can be jeeped to cabins up high and they can snow shoe or hike(cross country ski) in the back country.


If you live in an area with wildlife preserves, you might be able to do a service project in those areas. One year, the troop went to a place where Elk are and they took care of them for a week. Feeding, etc.


There's lots to do, I bet you could get ideas on the internet too.


Have fun!!!


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What can you do on a snow camp? Nearly everything you can do on a camp in summer! Follow animal tracks in fresh snow, have a patrol grab a canoe and drag, carry, or pull it up a slope and ride it like a toboggan with the entire patrol onboard, well up to six if they are small ;), go for a night/sunrise hike with snowshoes or cross country skis keep the flashlights, torches to you, off as much as possible, if you have never been in snow country at night with just natural light you are going to be surprised just how light it can be. Dont forget your camera and extra film.



A quinzee is also called a snow cave they are best made in well-packed snow. Correctly made they can reach a comfortable 40f/4c with just a few candles for heat, like Acco40 said much warmer than a tent. Talk to the ski patrol at one of the ski areas down your way they should be able to link you up with someone that can make them well they also can come up with activities to do in the snow.


Bear in mind camping in snow is a challenge compared to the rest of the camping season budget more time to complete even simple tasks. The buddy system important anyhow becomes paramount in winter/snow. Start training the scouts for this campout months ahead of time especially in recognizing cold weather injuries and treatment.


This summer or autumn get a 5-gallon/18 liter pickle bucket fill it with a mixture of ice and water now add a couple dozen sets of nuts, bolts, and washers disassembled. Have the scouts put both hands in the water and start assembling the hardware underwater. Set a time limit very soon their hands will get cold and theyll find their coordination slipping away.. There is nothing like a good chill to get your attention.


Any questions feel free to email me



Phillip Martin

aka AK-Eagle




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Great ideas.


Never thought of using the word Klondike in a search. What is that anyway? I think that it is a place in Canada. Im Australian remember.


We live 14 hours drive from the snow and the vast majority have never seen any. Preparing beforehand will be very important. Im sure the PLC will program adequately after I show them this email. Im a bit concerned about persoanl gear for the Scouts. We normally camp in or near sub tropical rainforest. Maybe I can dig up a guest speaker.


Acco do you mean write your name in the snow like you would in sand?

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LOL!!! Oh you silly Aussies.... Remember Oz, the snow is "frozen" water. Liquid "waste" that's "heated" water (to a temp of 98.6) does a good job melting snow. If you happen to be stuck with a long name, just drink plenty of fluids before hand. :-)



And yes, the Scouts here use the term "Klondike" for their Winter camporees in reference to the Klondike region of Canada - most likely b/c of the gold rush. Just don't ask the Scouts where the term comes from, they'll probably say something like "b/c it's as cold as a Klondike Bar!" (ice cream treat coated in chocolate here in the States).




Gags (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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Having looked at the sledge (sled?) plans from CubsRgr8's links I will enquire about such things that might be available down there. Building a sled here and driving it National Lampoon Grandmother style for a day and a night might be a drag. Or are these things constructable from a pre made kit when we arrive? (we prep kit here and take it with us for final assembly).


I must come across as a real dunce at this point. It would be like me trying to explain the playing of a didgereedo I suspect.

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