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Will your scout wear a uniform to school on Oct 16?

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Our Pack has done "Pack Pride Day" in the spring, wearing Class B t-shirts to school, but mostly as a recruitment tool.

I could see this being done in Class Bs, but wearing the full uniform to school can be tough for kids. I know they should be proud to be scouts, and most are, but wearing the uniform in school rarely has the intended effect. Unfortunately it invites more criticism than compliments.

I wouldn't even ask my son to do it. But ClassB he's ok with. 

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Seems to me that for such an effort to be taken seriously by Scouts, that all of us Scouters need to wear our uniform to work too. Clearly, some people will not be able to do so because of their job requires a uniform or special clothing. I have worn my uniform on rounds at the hospital many times on Scout Sunday with positive responses from my patients, colleagues, and staff. 

If we as volunteers cannot bring ourselves to represent Scouting, then it is hard to expect our Scouts to do so.

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22 hours ago, desertrat77 said:

John, when hasn't it? :)

When they used to regularly come to CU, where I was, and just kick the tar out of us. Them and Nebraska. Those days taught me the benefit of having the outdoors as a passion. Yep, pain can be a good lesson.

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