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Unit Money Earning Application

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Are there any instances or types of fundraising (besides popcorn and camp cards) where our Pack wouldn't need to fill out a Unit Money Earning Application? Members of our committee believe we only submit the form if we're advertising a fundraiser for scouting or using BSA logos. The information I've found seems clear that we submit the form for all fundraising.


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"It depends".   Popcorn, campcards are already "approved" by the BSA and your Council. You sell them, you (and the Council) make money.   

The Fund Raising Approval Form is intended to make sure you are not stepping on any legal toes.  It does not depend on BSA branding per se, but on other possibilities.  Your Unit can do what they think best , but by doing the FRA form, you can get the official imprimatur that your idea is good to go.  The back of the form lists some good things to check:  No gambling, no raffles,  value gained for money given, no soliciting donations, that sort of thing. "A Scout is thrifty. He earns his way...."

Another consideration is always that , when your unit does a "private" fund raiser, the Council makes no money. This is a consideration, this is why Council works with the big corps for their charity, helps prevent camps being sold, etc. 

So, car wash, pancake breakfast, mulch sale,  Holiday décor sale,  yard raking,  flag installation and retrieval,  spaghetti super,  what will it be ? 

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