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Unit level Financial aid - how is it determined

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We have 2 families that signed up their 3 cub scouts and are now asking for financial aid. 

I emailed them to give the free/reduced lunch info from my council. And I’m waiting for them to get me that info to drop off with the applications. Not sure if either qualify for the lunch letter or not , they haven’t replied.

How do your packs determine financial aid from the pack?  Do you have criteria or application process?  Who Makes the awards decisions so that it is fair and doesn’t look like anyone is being favored over another? Should our chartered org be in charge of this decision?   The pack doesn’t have the funds to cover the kids fully or partially unless we start charging the adult leaders.  

We don’t sell the popcorn: sales declined in our pack drastically and then parents voted to not do it as a fundraiser (they don’t want to sell anything) and as the Committee Chair, it’s not my place  to be the only one at a show and sell for it.  

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The $s have to come from somewhere. So, if not through fundraisers, then through increased dues.

Not sure how our pack handles it. The troop does leverage council camperships. They also give the SM a small discretionary fund. Beyond that, if a family is in need, the CC, SM, and Treasurer meet in executive session to determine if they can underwrite a larger portion of camp. This then is reported on the treasurers report anonymously.

We make clear to scouts and parents that our ability to do such things is underwritten by fundraising. We also have folks in our community who have said they will anonymously support summer camp for any scout for whom money is an issue. However, we don't publicize that. We just say that if times are tough for someone, it happens, we are hear to help.

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2 minutes ago, scotteg83 said:

In my 3 different units, the only "financial aid" we offer is fund-raising.  They can do a payment plan to pay monthly, but we do not do any financial aid to cover dues.

Some of our unit's fundraising activities put money into a scout account.  Funds in that account can be used for various purposes, such as summer camp, troop activitiy fees, or the annual charter fees. 

The unit also has a small "training scholarship" fund that goes towards sending scouts to NYLT.

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