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Mealtime Question

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Being the ASPL ad SPL do not belong in a patrol, who do they dine with in your unit?

Does in make sense for the the duo to dine with the adults so they may have sufficient facetime to receive instruction, directives, and advice?

I'm not seeing any recommendations in the TLGB regarding this matter.

Currently, the SM has formed a "Leadership Patrol".  From my perspective, this is a disaster.  It has simply given the opportunity for the SPL, ASPL, TG, to slink off at some dark corner of camp and be special by themselves instead of keeping the PLs on task while on outings.

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Different troops do different things.

Troop I grew up in, the SPL ate with the Leadership Corps. Those were the older Scouts who had previously served as PLs and had troop level jobs, i.e. quartermaster, scribe, instructor,  etc.  ASPL was the PL of that patrol. Neither had assigned duties. ASPL would help out as needed, just like a PL.

Another troop I was in had the SPL and ASPL eat with the patrols as guests.

Another troop had them eating, and doing KP, with their patrols. I personally did not like that because it took them away from their primary jobs.

Current troop has the SPL only eating with adults.

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