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Eagle Scout Rank or Award?

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maybe FOG is still pretending to be me and I'm the one arguing with myself?

Strange how I seem to have lost the accent?

No you haven't.

Yes you have.

Oh No I haven't.

Oh Yes you have.

Oh No.

Oh Yes.....

Please Fog, stop being me. Not that I don't like you or anything. I just like it better when I'm pretending to be me.


The real one not someone who isn't me pretending to be someone else.


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FOG, on this thread you posted the following:


RE: Eagle Scout Rank or Award?

Posted: Tuesday, 8/10/2004: 12:58:46 AM quality



I'll pretend to be Eamonn for a moment



So, lets see, first you ask for moderator protection on a thread where a post attacking you was edited and now you can't remember that you were pretending to be Eamonn... So, that leaves me to two conclusions, either you have added another trick to your already stuffed bag of antics, such as yanking people's chains just to get a reaction, making outrageous comments just to get a reaction or generally treating the forum as your own personal amusement park where you dont care who you offend as long as you get a laugh or its early onset Alzheimers, I hope its the former and not the latter

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You missed a third. I have better things to do with my mental energy than memorize every message on the internet posted by anyone. Many comments on this and other forums fall into the same category as casual conversation. I don't remember what I said to the fellow who parked next to me yesterday so why should I remember quips that I've made here? If such things are important to you, maybe you should get out more.

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I'm posting what I posted on the other thread.


" am also an eagle scout. My opinion is that it really doesn't matter if the word is rank or award. THe only thing that counts is the meaning."


Can we please be civil now.


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It's like that old math saying, "a square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are square".


A rank is an award, but not all awards are ranks.

There is an overlap which has no bearing whatsoever on the program or how it works. And in the long run what does it matter, 'does not a rose by any other name smell as sweet'?


As a historic footnote there was a time when Life, Star, and Eagle (in that progression) were not ranks at all but were 1st Class Rank embellishments.


BW(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Fascinating thread.


However, by way of information, in 1972 when the "Improved Scout Program" was introduced, the titles of "Tenderfoot Scout" through "Eagle Scout" was changed from "rank" to "Progress Award." There were many reasons.


I believe the title was changed back in 1988.


As best I have seen, Eagle Scout is


A rank

An award

A goal

A challenge

A standard

A record of accomplishment


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