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Some people might think that McDonalds serves better breakfast food than the classic Egg McMuffin.  They're wrong, but they still think it.

The key to making an Egg McMuffin that looks like the ones you get at the drive-thru window is RINGS.  You need a good ring mold to keep the eggs shaped correctly while it fries and to make sure the egg is the right thickness.  

Buy that handy little gadget, and you are on the road to fast food breakfast nirvana right there at your camp site!  Here's where you can get the egg rings:  


For each Egg McMuffin, you will need...

  • 1 english muffin
  • 1 medium egg
  • 1 slice Canadian bacon, eh?
  • 1 slice American pasteurized over-processed cheese-like food substance (aka, Kraft singles)


  1. Split the english muffin and lightly toast it.  (Do a bunch at once and set aside).
  2. Set egg rink on a griddle and spray insde rings with Pam.
  3. Crack an egg into each ring.
  4. When cooked nearly to firm, flip over and finish cooking.
  5. Heat Canadian bacon on griddle.
  6. Place a cooked egg on each english muffin. Top with Canadian bacon and a slice of cheese.
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When McDs was developing the egg mcmuffin, they were trying to make "eggs benedict" into a sandwich. They had difficulty with hollandaise sauce (too messy I presume) and then "someone" suggested to top it with a piece of cheese and the mcmuffin was born.

Another method is to make a "square" version using pie irons to fry the egg, and a square ciabatta roll instead of an english muffin. Bonus is those that want "panini style" can finish their sandwich in the pie iron (gets the cheese all melty).

I usually forego the egg as they are a relative pain to pack and use extra cheese (a nice swiss or cheddar) and either sausage or ham instead of canadian bacon.   All gets cooked on a tiny grill over the fire.  The addition of a tomato slice and/or avocado makes it delish.

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