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Scouts Participating in Civil War ReEnactment (PA)

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Learn history by doing...

ANGELICA — Angelica is a ‘Town Where History Lives’ and no better way to fulfill that motto than to have a reenactment of one of the most significant historical events in this country’s existence, The American Civil War.

It’s not just about muskets and cannons but an up-close look at what it was like to live in the 1860′s during a time of war.

The Allegheny Highlands Council Boy Scouts * and the 136th New York Volunteer Infantry “The Ironclads” have teamed up again this year to provide this spectacular event. Reenactors from across the region make camp right on Main Street where they’ll eat, sleep and breath Civil War-era life. Dressed in period attire, they will battle blue against grey complete with cannons and muskets. The scouts will be camping at the Allegany County Fairgrounds just up the hill from Angelica and observe several skirmish reenactments and then participate in a mock battle of their own, using imitation muskets and gaining valuable insights into Civil War life. In addition, local schools are invited to attend on Friday to talk with and observe the reenactors throughout town.

Battles of 1864 will be the focus of the 2019 Reenactment, Sept. 27-29. Angelica is uniquely suited to provide the backdrop for Civil War Reenactments with battles occurring directly on Historic Main Street.

More details and photos at source:


* No battles on Friday ( a school day).  :)

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This sounds pretty cool.  History is fun stuff!

I would encourage scouts who have an interest in American history to earn the American Heritage merit badge, and maybe explore some of those Historic Trails that various councils have established over the years.  (Of course, there is also the Historic Trails Award, which requires scouts to camp or hike a historic trail and to take part in events like this reenactment.)

The list of council historic trails is here:  https://tap.scouting.org/historic-trails/


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On behalf of National Council, I'm aghast that scouts and scouters would think it okay to point firearm shaped objects (FSOs) at human shaped objects (HSOs).

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Angelica’s 16th annual Civil War Weekend, an event hosted by The Allegheny Highlands Council Boy Scouts of America and the 136th New York Volunteer Infantry, “The Ironclads", originated as a Boy Scout camporee. There was a large scout presence in the town as hundreds of Boy Scouts set up camp in the Allegany County Fairgrounds for the weekend, attending education stations and even participating in a large mock battle of their own with the assistance of reenactors acting as officers.

Saturday morning, area Cub Scouts were able to join in the fun as well, as several hands-on education stations were set up around the fairgrounds. The scouts learned about Civil War era rations, games, the role of the railroad and much more.

Source which includes a photo of scouts and scouters pointing firearm shaped objects (FSOs).  :)


It gives a parent pause to learn that "between 250,000 and 420,000 boys under 17 were involved in the American Civil War, for both the Union and the Confederacy.  It is estimated that 100,000 Union soldiers were under 15 years old. Given the large number of young men in the American Civil War, compared to the number of older men, one author stated that it might have been called The Boys’ War."

IMHO, if Boy Scouts existed back in the 1860's, many scouts would have been in The Boys' War.


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