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How often do you meet?

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We have changed things up a bit this year since starting last January. This year we decided to meet every 1st and 2nd week of the month for den meetings. Every 2nd week of the month meet for a pack meeting. Then committee meeting every 4th week of the month. If there happens to be an extra week in the month we will use that as a den meeting. 

Last year we were so small we met every other week for pack/committee meeting and den meetings were decided by den leaders. Usually meeting at their home. With five active scouts as the time that seemed fine. Now with 17 we are making it the way we think it should be.

However, we are getting feedback from returning and new parents we do too much. We meet once a week and now almost every weekend for show and sell for trails end. What is your opinion? Are we doing too much? Not all scouts have participated in den and pack meetings. Show and sell we only have four scouts participating. 

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Being active is good.

IMHO, the "ideal" is one monthly pack meeting and weekly den meetings. 

Den meetings are scheduled on a day and time convenient to the Den Leader (typically at den leader's house, sometimes at a "go see it" location).

Pack meeting is a set day/time/place determined by Cubmaster and Committee Chair, and well-publicized far in advance. Pack campouts (and other pack events, like Pinewood Derby and Blue-n-Gold) also planned by committee and publicized well in advance. 

I think that if you do something less than this, you're going to get complaints that you aren't doing enough.

Don't be surprised that you have light participation in "show and sell".  I never let my kids do Trails End and there are lots of parents more jaded about it than me....  Show and sell isn't "the program".

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You'll get a lot of opinions here, so here's mine.  My pack is about the same size as yours, 20-ish.  We don't bother with the Den/Pack meeting structure.  We have all the Dens meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in the same place.  After the opening the Dens break out to do their own thing then come back together for closing.  The Webelos often meet separately but not necessarily.  We do pack activities once a month or so.  Sometimes they are separate from the regular meetings, sometimes they are the regular meetings.  I'd worry less about what the books says is the appropriate structure and figure out what your leaders/parents can commit to doing.  Build from there.

Your show and sell participation experience matches mine.  It's one of the reasons we skip popcorn.

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