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So it Begins: Great Salt Lake Council lays off 21 employees

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16 minutes ago, The Latin Scot said:

This is correct; in fact when I was attending BYU only a few years ago I had a few friends who were Scouting majors. It was tied to the Recreational Management degree, which covered everything from business management to recreational facilities development. A pretty cool major actually; I considered it for a while before I decided I wanted to stick with education and avoid everything to do with business. :D

Didn't know BYU had that one too. Another one of the guys in my PDL-1 class had that degree, just didn't know where he got it. And from him describing the courses he took, I did 95% of that degree as a volunteer and youth. Snow Sports topics were the ones I've never done.

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 Tuesday,   San Diego-Imperial Council   , which oversees troops serving about 10,000 scouts across the two counties, laid off 15 of its 25 staff members - clerical and facility maintenance staff and some unit-serving executives.

This was brought about primarily by the economic conditions created by the COVID closures impacting our camps and our other fundraising programs,” said Karl Shelton, a deputy scout executive, in an email.


There are currently over 6,000 adult volunteers who give of their time in a variety of capacities, such as serving as leaders in our Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships and Posts to facility work parties to our board of directors,” Shelton said. “These volunteers are supported by a small paid staff.... The future of Scouting in our area will likewise be in the hands of our tremendous volunteers.”


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