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First Aid requirements gone?

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Did they get rid of the first aid requirements at each cub rank?  I see it is a Webelos requirement and a Tigers Elective. But didn’t see it as either at Wolf, Bear or Arrow of Light?

I was hoping to do a whole pack meeting event at the fire department to wrap this up for all ranks and have the head EMT present the loops/pins to each scout at the end of the meeting. 

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Oh, The meeting is all set and planned. We are going but we have lots of parents who are very attached to the loops and pins their kids earn...to the point where the parents ask if there is a patch, loop or pin for helping at the community service project, hike or event this is before they will commit to coming.   (There are lots of classroom treasure chests in our area that may have contributed to this concept of getting a prize every time. )

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