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2020 Insurance Fees at Recharter

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From the Michigan Crossroads Council,

For the past several years, insurance costs have been subsidized in the general operating budget at $1.00 per registered member and leader (approximately $81,000) versus annual insurance costs of over $1 million dollars. With the continued rising cost of insurance, the Michigan Crossroads Council can no longer subsidize these costs and remain fiscally strong and relevant.

The Insurance Fee is an annual fee of $12 that will be charged to all registered participants in the Scouting program beginning with the 2020 charter renewal process. The current fee of $1 per person / per year will be increased to $12 per person / per year (Note: $12 is also subscription cost to Boys' Life - RS).  



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Well...I guess that's one way to raise a million dollars

This is comedy gold from the FAQ section:

Ways you and your unit can raise the funds to cover the $12 Insurance Fee

-Participate in the annual popcorn sale and have each Scout sell an additional three (3) containers of popcorn.

Not sure what the question is...but the answer always seems to be SELL POPCORN :)

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Grand Canyon council used to add $2 for insurance.

Till last year they added a mandatory Friends of Scouting donation per scout to each unit.

$63 per scout or if paid before recharter $50 per scout.

huge jump. Not helping retention. Luckily our unit has a good (separate from popcorn) fundraiser, so we could cover most of the $50 ourselves, but did pass on some of that to parents in the form of raising what we charge annually.

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I'm sympathetic to their troubles, but once again they add doublespeak and a lack of candor.  The council hasn't been "subsidizing" insurance.  Insurance is a standard operating cost of any organization.  I can believe that insurance is one of he big driving costs in their deficit, but to say this $12 is for insurance is just inaccurate; it's for insurance, and salaries, and interest payments, and camp costs, and training, and everything else.  The council needs to close a million dollar deficit; they've decided the best way to do that is by charging a per member fee --- SO JUST SAY SO!

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