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Supporting the Patrol Method - as Unit Commissioner

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Unit Commissioners are assigned from the district and in theory every unit should have a commissioner. The job involves helping out and being there to offer advice, so yes every unit probably "needs" one. 

Now, that role should be advice instead of lead as they are not part of the unit. They shouldn't sit in for the CC.

All that said, as I recall your previous comments, you probably need a UC to address some leadership issues, though the UC might not be doing it in the best way.

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3 hours ago, GrammaScout said:

Our Troop is 50 years old...exemplary...90 Scouts including about 20 girls...

Could be that your district has assigned someone due to the above statement.  A unit of 90 Scouts that includes 20 girls is operating outside of the separate units for boys and girls rule.

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6 hours ago, GrammaScout said:

...   This person has put himself 'in charge'.   He sat in for the Committee Chair when she has been unable to attend...is that kosher?   ...  He is no longer a COR.   He has represented the 'Church', never the Troop....How has this happened?

There must be more to the story.  Did the CC ask the unit commissioner to run the mtg?  There is no path for a unit commissioner or former COR to take charge without the unit putting them in that position.  

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