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The Nantucket Flying Association, Inc. (NFA), the “Voice of General Aviation” on Nantucket, recently hosted British aviator and adventurer James Ketchell as he works towards his objective of circumnavigating the globe in a Magni gyrocopter.  Flying to support two charities, “Kindled Spirit” and “Over the Wall,” and with a goal to inspire young people, James has now accomplished his plan to land in all 49 mainland US states.   

Capt. Ketch, as he is known, needs to cover 37,000 kilometres to complete the world-record according to regulations set out by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. While on Nantucket, James spoke with young people, including NFA Aviation Campers and Girl Scouts as he is an International Scout Ambassador  (not sure about International, I did find Hampshire (UK). Also the term Ambassador appears to having multiple meanings. Confused :confused: - RS) James also embarked on an aerial tour of the island, met local pilots and enjoyed lobster with NFA members.

James’ Hampshire Scout Ambassador role is to raise the profile of scouting in a positive manner and has stated, 

“Scouting is a fantastic opportunity for young people to have fun and make new friends in a safe and adventurous environment, something everyone should experience”.

“Scouting provides an opportunity for tremendous challenge and everyday adventure to young people around the world.  A truly wonderful family that I am proud to be a part of”.

“I am super proud to be an ambassador to over 22,000 amazing Scouts in Hampshire.  Scouting provides a positive impact on everyone involved from young people to volunteers and members of the community”.
“Scouting has a positive impact on so many lives around the world.  Sharing adventures, making new friends, learning valuable life skills and gaining confidence is something every young person can benefit from”.

...On Aug. 27, James left mainland Canada, flying to Baffin Island where he begins the most challenging part of his journey- flying across the cold North Atlantic!


P.S. Look familiar? James Bond (Sean Connery) fly an autogyro aircraft nicknamed Little Nellie in the movie You Only Live Twice. This unusual machine was based on the Wallis WA-116 Agile, a British autogyro developed in the early 1960s by former Royal Air Force Wing Commander Ken Wallis who also was the Little Nellie stunt pilot 



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Hampshire's the county next door to me, I guess he's one of their ambassadors as in "a representative or promoter of a specified activity." and does it internationally, as he's off on his adventures abroad. I guess it's a fairly loose arrangement, him going to see local scouts around the world is a bit of glad-handing and a bit of making the kids go "wow" and serve as an inspiration or open their eyes to possibilities etc I guess.

I've always been impressed with Hampshire scouting, way back when we used to hire a big marquee from them that they rented to us on a fairly commercial basis, they'd rock up and put up this clear span 30'x60' marquee, custom trailer, landrovers, the works. Talking to the leader it helped pay for various adventures. A nice bunch.

It was Hampshire that organised a scout everest expedition for the centenary in 2007:


No mean feat.

This year (I think) they had a team ski to the south pole and kite ski back to base. Like you do.


Two of my Explorers, despite not being in the county, have just come back from a Hampshire led expedition to Malawi, not sure what they were doing, some community work, safari, I'll find out when we start again in a week or two.

Hats off to them for sure.


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