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Growth of Scout Spirit/Ideals

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Has anyone written, or does anyone just use in the back of their mind, a list of expectations for the rank scout spirit requirements?

I'd like to write something for my troop that's a description of growth for each of the methods. Interesting things happen where some methods interact. One set in particular is Advancement and Ideals. Many of us have talked about the Scout Spirit requirement and this seems to be at that intersection. For example, what's expected of a scout as far as being helpful, looking out for others, being cheerful when the weather is lousy, etc, on average tends to increase as scouts move up ranks. Do you tell scouts, for example, "now that you're a first class scout you're expected to start looking out for others. You can't wait for someone else to ask you to do the right thing, you're just expected to do it."

I'm not saying to make it part of the requirement, but just an expectation that might drive discussions with or among the scouts, or when to encourage a scout to solve a problem, or lead rather than wait for someone else to lead. Often I've told scouts something along the line of "that sure is a problem, but now that you're a Second class/Star/Life scout don't you think you can handle that on your own?" It just might help everyone to see those expectations. I realize they're hard to measure but we could still talk about them.


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Since Scout Spirit is how the scout lives within the parameters of the tenets of Scouting, a general discussion with them regarding how they see themselves doing that would cover it.  On the other hand, if the particular scout has had some issues that you feel need to have their attention and have room for improvement you might lead the discussion towards that.  Most importantly, try to let the scout lead the discussion as much as possible, being sure that you understand their thoughts and responding positively or on occasion with a suggestion as to how they might do something differently or succinctly.  Try to keep it positive no matter what.


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