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Back in the day: Boy Scouts and Woodstock

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I caught something on the radio last night while I was in my car, some fella reminiscing. I missed the start, or it wasn't clear, but I think he was there (maaan), and said how food was the big issue, and how the local hotels and restaurants had no business because all the roads were blocked, the army ended up picking up food from the hotels and helicoptering it onto the site. He said they'd get these giant vats of marinated lamb, and he said "yeah, because I was a boy scout, as were my friends with me, we were used to cooking on open fires, we cooked it all up, stews, shish kebabs, every variety we could think of, we started selling it, but then no one had any money, so we were swapping it for cigarettes and dope, or just giving it away"

I guess you never know when your scout skills will come in handy. :)

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