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Summer Camp Recommendations? From WA State

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Our troop is looking for some ideas to branch out for a new summer camp experience. We have been to Camp Parsons (WA), Camp Meriwether (OR), Fire Mountain (WA), Camp Easton (ID) and Camp Pigott (WA). Do you have a favorite camp you have attended recently that you can recommend? We are currently considering Camp Melita Island in Montana and Camp Baldwin in Oregon. I would love to hear your recommendations, reasons why, and any tips and advice you might share.

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12 minutes ago, nkaye said:

I think we want to stay within OR, ID, Mt for next summer. Road trip!

Believe it or not, we have a Troop from Oregon that has been coming to our camp for the last few years.  Admittedly,  one heck of a journey!

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