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Online Application - Cub Scout Round-up

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Our pack is in the process of preparing for our upcoming recruiting Round-up. We have found that there is now the ability to streamline the application process, by allowing the opportunity to take online applications.  We’re looking to see if anyone is familiar with using the process during a round-up event and/or have the online application feature available from their website for scouts to join.   

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It has been a few years, but we used the online application for those who were not at the recruitment or join events in-person.  Essentially, we'd get them signed up any way possible.  

BUT ... we preferred the paper.  It allowed us to charge the full pack dues.  Not just that portion that was paid to national or council.  It was always uncomfortable having someone fill out the online national / council application, and then ask them for the pack membership fee later.  We used that fee for program, awards, special events, advancements, food, cub books, annual t-shirts and misc cost.   We averaged a cost of $30 to $50 per year per cub.  We thought we were doing well.  We did have a supplemental cost every year that was paid by fundraiser.  That fundraiser amount let us go above and beyond.

As for online apps, it was nice and smooth.   Only issue was whether to charge full pack dues or waive the pack dues for the first year ... (actually first 12 months ... at that time, the online app covers rechartering through the first cycle.)  We collected dues in September. 

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