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Our troop had a crew return from a backpacking trek with MOHAB. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch is a truly beautiful base camp with the best view of any high adventure base and the staff was all super friendly.  Our guides, Stephen and Conner, were awesome with the scouts from the minute we walked in the door through training as well as along our trek and all the way to getting up at 6am to have breakfast with us before we headed home.  Having completed a Philmont trek I though I was prepared for the hikes but some of these climbs were kicked my butt but every view was well worth it. The guides gave us an entry point and we hiked back to the basecamp but everything in between was planned by the scouts.  The highlight for me was an extra two mile hike to spend the night a century old trappers cabin to top off an 18 mile day.  The view sitting outside the cabin with a grass field in front of us leading up the mountains while cattle mooed away in the back ground as the sun went down was million dollar view that Hollywood would have a hard time capturing.  The discussion on the ride home (when the scouts weren't sleeping)  wasn't if we are coming back to try packrafting but if we are going for one or two weeks. To any troops looking at a High Adventure base, MOHAB definitely deserves to be on your list.  This camp sitting on the edge of the Bob Marshall is a remarkable place the fact they don't more scouts visiting is a shame.

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I love hearing about places like this.  Too many of our High Adventure discussions revolve around only the "big 4" national high adventure bases.  There are plenty of regional and council-run bases where scouts can have amazing experiences.  Some troops even "roll their own" treks....I'd really love to hear more about those kinds of trips!

Keep on trekkin'!

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