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NE Illinois Council SE convicted

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18 hours ago, David CO said:

He got off way too easy.  

Well... non-violent crime, $24,000 (as opposed to say $240,000 or $2,400,000), pleaded guilty, first offense, he paid it all back... it doesn't shock me that he got two years probation instead of jail time.  If I were the judge I probably would have leaned toward maybe six months in jail.  The "first offense" part has a real impact; generally the whole picture changes if you have a previous conviction or two, or three...  I once consulted with someone who had (allegedly) embezzled more than $500,000; HE was heading to prison.

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On 8/1/2019 at 6:06 PM, Saltface said:

$24,000?! That's at least fourteen bags of popcorn right there.

You must be thinking about the wholesale price...retail would be much higher

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