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Sea Base Munson Island

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I spent last week at Sea Base doing the outisland excursion. This is a week long trip and 5 of those days are on Munson Island (30 miles from Key West). Here are my notes and observations in case someone is looking for more info.

- Be prepared they will test you on swimming ability

- They didnt seem to be concerned with BMI based on some of the rather large men that were on the island.

- The war canoe holds 9 people with the mate riding on the back of the canoe steering.

- The canoe paddle is 6 miles and is much easier with 16 year olds vs 13year olds. It tooks us about 2 hours of paddling vs 4+ of some of the younger crews.

- 13 is too young for this. Most of the 13ers that we saw were not ready for the physical aspect and for things like night snorkel

- The food is carb heavy and the scouts are in charge of the daily menu. Get ready to have pancakes for breakfast, mac n cheese for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. If you are used to a little protein each meal pack some beef jerky, spam singles or even tuna foil packs. They do have some protein (tuna, chicken) and you will eat any fish you catch but you wont know when that happens.

- The scouts had a great time and loved the fact that we did so many diferent things such as snorkel , deep see fishing, kayaking etc.

- Be ready for almost daily repeat after me songs and do what I do songs. I am all in for participating but it seemed a bit much.

- They do ask you not to bring a watch or phone so do as they say and have a good time relaxing.

- There are 2 camping areas the back yard and the front yard. The back yard was not as damaged by the hurricane and is closer to the beach breeze

- Sleeping in a hammock was great, I brought a bug net but also had a bag liner that had permethrin baked into it.  

- The scouts that did not use a bug net were eaten alive by no-seeums. They spent most there sleeping in tents



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Interesting observations, thanks for sharing. Two crews from my son's Troop returned middle of last week. Assuming they were on the island with you at the same time.

I would add:

generously reapply the provided coral-safe sunscreen constantly as it washes off quickly.

bug nets are a plus if there is no wind. Avon skin-so-soft helps immensely. 

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We have sent 12 crews over the last 10 years to Seabase and the Out Island Adventure.  Had 3 full crews there late May and early June.  Great experience, very good intro High Adventure.  Most of ours were rising 9th and 10th grade, so agree that the 14 - 15 is better age group.  Not only the physical stamina but the maturity level.

The variety of activities is good; fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, etc etc.

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