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Camp Makajawan, Wisconsin

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On late Friday evening, a severe storm hit Camp Makajawan in Pearson, Wisconsin.  No serious injuries to the hundreds of scouts and staff present, who reached shelter before the storm hit.  The physical damage, however, was significant.  I am told the winds exceeded 100 mph.  Hundreds, if not thousands of trees, are down or damaged, with buildings and roads impacted.  Kudos to the North East Illinois Council and camp staff for implementing its severe weather plan and keeping scouts and staff safe.  As a result of the storm, the camp is closed for the remainder of the summer.  Our Troop was set to leave on Sunday for the week. 

On Saturday, we found another camp within driving distance run by a neighboring council, the Pathway to Adventure Council.  Our Troop arrived yesterday at Camp Napowan in Wild Rose, Wisconsin, and I am told the staff could not be more accommodating to us or the many other Scouts whose planned changed so quickly.  Many other camps in the area did a good turn and have accommodated Troops whose camp plans were impacted.  Grateful for (i) a camp that kept its Scouts and staff safe, and (ii) another camp that will ensure our Troop will enjoy the week of Scout Camp they have been so looking forward to these past few weeks.  




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 My husband and two older sons, ages 14 and 13, were at Ma Ka Ja Wan on the night of the storm.  Their Troop sheltered in their vehicles in the East camp.  They were lucky to have brought their vehicles to camp and were starting to pack things for Saturday departure because the storm was coming in.  Trees fell all over and around the vehicles, and the Troop evacuated on Saturday, going across a lake to where there was road access and our Troop leaders had send up 4 more vehicles with other family members to pick up the boys.  Nearly all the gear was left behind, along with all the vehicles.  Leaders returned to camp to pick up most of the gear and vehicles on Tuesday.  Our van suffered a broken windshield on the driver's side and is in Rhinelander, we're picking it up tomorrow.

We are lucky that everyone got out OK.  It was a stressful weekend. 

Bryan on Scouting Blog Artice:


Facebook photo album from the Northeast Illinois council:



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Glad to hear your family and fellow scouts made it through the storm.  The pictures are very scary.  The camp staff should receive kudos for keeping everyone safe.

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