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Boy Scout Service Projects

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Boy Scouts do service projects. They put in time for most of their rank advancements, and when they get to Eagle, they are expected to come up with a good project on their own and lead other scouts in getting it done.  Hornaday awards also require big projects --- most are even more involved than Eagle projects. The Hornaday projects focus on environmental problems. Many troops also do service projects simply because its part of the scouting DNA.

I thought it might be nice to put together a few pointers to media articles that cover some of these service projects. They help put scouting in a positive light, and I think they could help younger scouts get a few ideas for what's possible and maybe help them think about what kinds of service projects they might come up with when it's their turn to lead a project.

Do you know of good scout projects?  Got comments about any of these?

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A Boy Scout designs and builds small wagons as "wheelchairs" for use by special needs kids.

The article says,

The carts Friend designed and created are intended to be used by very small children (under age 3) with conditions like Spina Bifida or cerebral palsy, who are too young to be able to use regular wheelchairs. The carts allow the children, who would otherwise only be able to be mobile by rolling on the floor or being carried, to move around their environment and play with their peers. 

See story:


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Kudos for creativity!

A California scout invented his own board game to help teach people about the problems that marine mammals are facing in today's fast-changing environment.

I like this project because it is VERY different from the typical Eagle project of "build" something (be it park benches, bookshelves, or whatever). His project shows initiative, involved research, and addresses significant problems. 

Here's the story:


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On 7/15/2019 at 7:39 AM, mrkstvns said:

Boy Scouts do service projects.

I’ve even seen the girls in Scouts BSA do projects! 

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