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I found this news story about starting a Ship, please add posts regarding starting a Ship.

Eagle Scout Bill Murphey has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America since the 1970s...Growing up on the Jersey Shore, Murphey has also put in more than 40 years on the water, sailing and racing on the Barnegat Bay. He always wondered why there had never been a Sea Scouts chapter established on the South Jersey shore.

Recently, Murphey found a prophesy in a box of his grandfather’s memorabilia, where he discovered photos of his great uncle, John Wood, a sea scout in North Jersey. The photographs were of a cruise Wood took with Sea Scout Ship 117 in the year 1914. Coincidentally, Murphey’s junior sailing group at the Barnegat Bay Yacht Club is group 117. So, when Capt. Pat Geiger reached out to recruit him to a Sea Scouts ship in Little Egg Harbor, Murphey climbed aboard with enthusiasm, suggesting they take on the augural ship number.

“I thought, someone’s going to lead this ship, and it might as well be me,” Murphey chuckled. Just like that, he became skipper of Sea Scout Ship 117, which comprises about a dozen male and female scouts and, according to Geiger, will be chartered by the West Creek Volunteer Fire Co.

Geiger stated that Eagle Scouts Todd and Paul Lund had done most of the work, and were already holding meetings before recruiting any adults. “Pretty impressive for our local Eagle Scouts,” Geiger praised. The scouts elected Geiger as their executive officer, Todd Lund Sr. as committee chairman, Virginia Lund as treasurer, and named several mates including Lou Foster and Capt. Robert Meseck.


continued with history, crew interviews, and program at news source:



According to First Mate Foster, the ship is responsible for organizing and executing a long cruise. Their first goal is a 14-mile cruise to Atlantic City on Independence Day. If they achieve this goal, they will sail out to Atlantic City, tie up to watch the fireworks, and sail back. Murphey said he expects overnight trips by this August.

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