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Philmont “We All Made It” Plaque Engraving

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23 minutes ago, scoutereagle12 said:

Hi all,

I just finished an amazing 12-day trek with my Philmont Crew and we received the We All Made It Plaque. Does anyone know how we can get our crew number engraved on to the blank space on the plaque?

@scoutereagle12, welcome to the forums. 

Talk to your local award store in your home city.  They should be willing to do it for a nominal fee. 

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Not quite an answer to the question, but something I thought I'd share. After I finished reading this thread I went looking thru a box of scout memorabilia in my son's room, I was looking for a particular neckerchief, anyway I found my father-in-law's 'I survived Philmont' plaque. Dad went to Philmont in 1956. Do individual trek members still get their own plaque or is just a crew plaque now? 

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