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Show me your troop's (or crew's) custom neckerchiefs!

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Our girls are meeting for the first time Monday. They'll be choosing a SPL and talking about uniform details. 

One of the parents in our troop has an embroidery machine and is willing to help with neckerchiefs. I have sufficient sewing skills to make neckerchiefs for her to embroider. 

So I'd like to present the girls with several ideas for them to look at to inspire them as they decide what their neckerchiefs they want (assuming they want to use them, which I think they will but I suppose they could decide to do without entirely). I'll also bring photos of some of the "in stock" type neckers they can buy at the Scout Shop. 

I'd love to see what some of you have done, especially ones that might be incorporating your CO's name on the neckerchief or whatever other interesting ideas are out there. 

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Our troop is just starting to think about this. The girls have looked at some prototypes, and need to decide style and colors.  It is really easy to take a square yard of fabric and put seam binding around it.  (e.g.  Wrights extra-wide double-fold bias tape ) Actually easier than simply hemming it.  Makes a sharp looking necker. And you get any color combo you they want.  Or cut the square yard into two triangles before binding the edges to make triangular neckers -- less functional but easier to roll tightly. 

Leather lacing 3mm wide can be made into a turks head woggle.  Some of our girls like a 4-lead turks head -- and this is decidely different looking from the wood badge woggle.

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I hadn't thought about double-fold bias tape. That would look sharp! I have noticed that broadcloth is super cheap, and I had looked at piping too. I have both a regular sewing machine and a serger so I could do a serged edge in a contrasting color as well. The girls have a lot of options! I'd like them to at least pick one quickly (even if they change their minds later) so we can have a few made up right away since our CO is making a *big deal* out of the charter signing ceremony and we expect to have photos in their national magazine. 

I spent last night making paracord woggles for all the adult leaders in our Troop. ;) The girls can make their own if they want something similar. Maybe I'll bring a bunch of paracord lengths to the meeting tonight along with a couple links to YouTube tutorials in case they want to do that. 

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