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Lightweight Rain Jackets

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For those bashing Frogg Toggs, were they the full suit for $20ish or the $50 each piece ones? Frogg Toggs has 3 levels of fabric/suit. A cheap, and I would agree with the disposable comment,  rain suit that may make it thru a weekend camp that sells for about $20. These pieces are very thin and flimsy and tear if you look at them sideways. This is the level that ScoutStuff sells (or sold when I worked for National Supply). Then there is a level that sells for about $20 per piece jacket or pants. These pieces have much more body to them and last fairly well. The $20 pieces are no frills, no pockets, decent pieces. I wear them during rainy fall/spring sports as an athletic trainer. I do find the pants wear in the inner thighs, but they are still water resistant after a lot of use this past school year. I got mine at Dick's Sporting Goods. Then there is the deluxe version of Frogg Toggs, these sell for about $50 per piece. They have good durability, zippered pockets in both the pants and jackets, and tuck away hoods. Maybe even arm pit venting, I can't remember for sure. Saw these at Bass Pro.

I don't support or recommend any store over any other store. Just telling you where I have found what level of material.

The one thing no Frogg Togg piece, cheap or expensive, will tolerate is being heated. We wore the mid priced stuff during a trip to Alaska and got a little too close to a campfire and the material shrunk up, kind of shrink wrapped itself. The part that shrink wrapped itself was no longer waterproof. 

Like all things, buyer beware. 

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Personally, my experience is with the less expensive suits. Generally when I hear people mention Frogg Toggs, that's the version they're referring to. Again, not bashing by any means. It's usually my "just in case it may rain on this hiking trip" gear.  I think they do a great job at what they're designed to do, but for me at least, I know I'm going to have to replace them after the weekend if I need to break them out.



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