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I'm not sure if it is allowed in this Forum, but I have over 500 extra leathercraft stamps that I'm looking to trade for other leathercraft stamps that I need.

In most cases you will get more stamps than you trade to me.

I'm not interested in cash transactions.  Just trade. We each pay our own shipping.

I use these working with both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

I put them in order by manufacturer, but some stamps may not have the manufacturer shown on the back of the stamp.  However, each manufacturer uses the same numbers so make sure both the number and description match.

Here is what I need:

Scout Related:

     Wood Badge Stamps

          8410 or 8544 Axe & Log

          8413 Buffalo

          8414 Antelope

          8415 Bear

          8416 Owl

          8417 Bobwhite

          8419 Eagle

     The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486)

     OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8411, 8545)

     BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543)


     8381 YMCA Indian Guide

     8389 Sports Car

     8395 Boat Steering Wheel

     8396 Beaver

     8401 Leather Hide "Made in USA"

     8432 Swimming Duck

     8433 Goose

     8447 Armadillo

     8448 Roadrunner

     8478 Cowboy/Horse/Lasso

     8480 Bull Rider

     8488 Barrel Racer

     8511 Sword in Bible

     8516 Motorcycle

     8522 Flying Saucer

     8523 Flag of Israel

     8524 Star of David

     8527 Eternal Flame

     8528 Dreidel

     8529 Menorah

     8530 Shofar Horn

     8532 2 Finger Peace Sign

     8533 Celtic Cross

     8536 Rearing Horse

     8537 Running Wild Horse

     8538 Eagle with Talons

     8539 Roaring Bear

     8541 Smiley Face

     8542 Ying/Yang

The Leather Factory:

     8501 Eagle Head

     8502 Deer Head

     8503 Horse Head

     8504 Cougar Head

     8505 Tiger Head

     8507 Wolf Head

     8508 Buffalo Head

     8510 Ram Head

     8517 Eagle on a Branch

     8522 Ram

     8524 Moose Standing

     8526 Deer

     8530 Wolf

     8531 Butterfly

     8539 Oval Design Concho

     8540 Wild Cat

     8545 Eagle Head

     8546 Bear

     8548 Praying Hands


     8234 Wild Boar

     8299 Wood Duck

     8307 Deer Family

     8339 Kangaroo with Joey

     8344 Religious Fish

     8347 Flower

     8368 Leopard

     8375 Semi Truck

     8379 Cowboy Boots


Please let me know if you have any of these.

Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for and I will send you a list of what I have to trade.



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