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Does Anyone Do Leathercraft With Girl Scouts

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I was wondering if anyone does Leathercraft with Girl Scout Troops.  I currently work with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  I've thought about Girl Scouts, but am having trouble coming up with projects for GS.    I want projects they might actually use and not stupid, "throwaway" projects. 

Anyone have ideas what good projects to do.



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Why not do the same projects you do with Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts the same age as the girls?  Probably all of them are suitable.

The one additional thing I can think of that some girls might like that boys wouldn't do is a small purse.   So many girls' clothes have no pockets at all, or an almost useless pocket barely big enough for a kleenex.   Size the purse about the size of a pocket,  big enough to hold a phone or a wallet, interior size about 6" x 4".  Make sure it closes securely  (button or toggle?).  And give it a strap long enough to wear diagonally across the body.

Of course, if girls' clothing had decent pockets then such a thing would be unecessary.   (Even the new BSA uniform pants for girls are somewhat skimpy on the pockets compared to the boys' uniform pants.  They do have two cargo pockets, but they are tiny cargo pockets.)

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