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Camps Where SCOUTS Cook Meals

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My friend's troop goes to Camp Rodney.  He tells me they offer 3 ways to feed based on where your site is.

Dining Hall

Heaterstack where they bring the food out to the site and the troop serves it and cleans up

Patrol Cooking where you are on your own to feed your unit - there is a reduced cost per scout for this option




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We were at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch in SD (not, NM typo in the original msg) last summer and our scouts LOVED it!  They have patrol-style cooking.  We ended up with SO much extra food.  It was a great cooking experience!


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10 hours ago, xinaDeRockie said:

You are correct!  SD, not NM. I've been researching patrol-style cooking at the various  summer camps and my focus was in NM.

Now it makes sense.  Better than that I've been to MM and it sounds like they've improved their patrol cooking. We were there years ago and the patrol cooking had problems. I've always liked the idea but seen it not very well thought out, or worse. But when it works it can be great training for patrols.

I hope you enjoyed all the fun things to see nearby. I really liked the caves.

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