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Which First Aid?

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41 minutes ago, Eagledad said:

I have a question: when I was a scout, we were taught to turn the drowned person on their chest and compress the back a couple times to force some of the water out of the lungs. Now we are told to got strait to two breaths then CPR. What about the water in the lungs?


The one time I had to resuscitate anyone it was a little girl (about 9-10) who had been submerged for less than a minute or so.  She was unconscious and not breathing, but had a pulse.  When I gave her the two rescue breaths, it stimulated a convulsion/spasm in the lungs that expelled a large portion of the water and allowed her to start breathing again.

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24 minutes ago, Eagle94-A1 said:

Actually they want you to start with compressions, then breaths now. The idea is that some oxygen is still in the bloodstream, and by pumping, you can get it going where needed.

OK, that makes sense, but the water is still in the lungs. Wouldn't emptying the lungs first raise the probability of success?

I'm sure there is good reasoning, I'm just curious.


Edit: Just read elitts's post and that seems to answer my question. Thanks all.

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