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I'm trying to put together an awesome set of leather stamps for use in scouting.   

I really hate trying to sell stuff so I want to do some bartering.

I currently have over 500 2D/3D leather stamps that I want to trade for other leather stamps.  

If you want to donate any leather stamps and tools, please see address on attached spreadsheet for instructions.


Below are some of the stamps I'm looking for: (for a complete list, see attached files


Scout Related:

     The 9 Wood Badge Stamps( 8410, 8412, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8416, 8417, 8418, 8419, 8507, 8544)

     The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486)

     OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8545)

     BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543)



     8523 Flag of Israel

     8524 Star of David

     8536 Rearing Horse

The Leather Factory:

     8501 Eagle Head

     8502 Deer Head

     8504 Cougar Head

     8507 Wolf Head

     8517 Eagle on a Branch

     8540 Wild Cat

     8546 Bear Facing Right


     8234 Wild Boar

     8299 Wood Duck Left

     8307 Deer Family

     8339 Kangaroo with Joey

     8344 Religious Fish

     8347 Flower

     8368 Leopard

     8375 Semi Truck

     8379 Cowboy Boots


Please let me know if you have any of these.

See both attached files for stamps I need and Stamps I have for trade.

Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for.



Leather Stamps to Trade.pdf

Leather Stamps Needed.pdf

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