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Troopmaster Help Needed

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Our Committee Chair is our Troopmaster guru, and while I'm sure he could answer my question, our troop just came back from hiking the AT in less-than-perfect weather and with a 5:00am wake up time this morning.  I don't want to bother him.

What I need to do is probably very, very simple, but I can't figure it out, and I can't even find an answer with Google (or DuckDuckGo).  All I need to do is add a new scout.  His application has been processed by council, and I've updated our roster in the council's Internet Advancement, which gives me his BSA number.  I don't see anything in either Troopmaster or the council site that would allow me to sync, and nothing in Troopmaster that allows me to manually input a new scout.

If any of you out there knows how to do this, or if you have a good online resource for Troopmaster, it would be much appreciated.  Would love to get this done in my very limited free minutes this morning.

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No problem with these directions up until the "Add New" part.  There's no tab on the right - or either side, for that matter. 




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6 hours ago, nchg2 said:

Your TM admin (probably your CC) will need to give you membership update permission before you can add/edit scout profiles.

Thanks.  That would be the CC.   LOL, so much for not bothering him.  At least by now he should be somewhat rested.

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