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My personal feeling is that things like a Thors hammer have no place on an official scout uniform, but are fine for the red "brag" vests, brag blankets, etc., just like the patches for commercialized places that scouts visit regularly.

I tell my son to only put things on his uniform that have the BSA trefoil on them and put everything else on his "brag" platform du jour. 

Most other scouts have enough bling that they don't need yet another irrelevant doo-dad, but if they choose to wear it, so be it.  Like others, I've definitely got bigger fish to fry.

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As I revisited this thread, I was thinking about how to compromise the heritage with rules.  How about making a viking or hammer patrol, there used to be a patrol patch for it.   A patrol cheer with a fist hitting an open palm could signify a hammer and anvil.  As the Viking is pretty popular, items for the patrol are endless. 

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